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Anti-reflective Coating for Better Vision


Lenses with an anti-reflective coating, also known as an anti-glare coating or AR coating, will help to reduce eye strain, improve vision, and give your glasses a look. This coating works to eliminate the reflections on the front and back surface of your eyeglass lenses which provides a variety of benefits to your vision and your appearance.

Anti-reflective Coating for Better Vision

Benefits of Wearing Lenses with an Anti-reflective Coating

Because anti-reflective coating eliminates the reflections on the front and back of your lenses, it allows 99.5 percent of light to pass through the lens and reach the eye, providing better vision, especially at night. While better visual acuity is the key benefit to anti-reflective coated lenses, it can also offer benefits to your appearance.

This coating also helps lenses appear virtually invisible by reducing glare, which can work to enhance your appearance and draw more attention to your eyes and your facial expressions, rather than your lenses. With reduced glare on your lenses, you can achieve a more pleasing appearance in a variety of lighting conditions.

AR coatings can also provide comfortable vision for those who are working in front of the computer daily. There are AR coating options that can make your lenses hydrophobic (water repellent) and oleophobic (oil repellent).

Anti-reflective Coating & Sunglasses

Anti-reflective coatings aren’t just for your regular glasses. This coating can also be applied to your sunglasses as well. When applied to the back of sunglass lenses, an AR coating can eliminate the glare caused by the sunlight reflecting off of the back of your lenses.

This can not only make your vision more comfortable when you are outdoors, but it can also help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Caring for Anti-reflective Lenses

Another factor to consider when looking at anti-reflective lenses is the maintenance they require. It is important to remember that lens cleaner should not be used because their harsh chemicals could damage the AR coating. Use the products recommended by your optician.

AR lenses should be cleaned by wetting them first. Cleaning AR lenses dry with a dry cloth could lead to scratching, which can be more noticeable on this type of lens.

Choosing an AR Coating to Suit Your Needs

Not sure which type of anti-reflective coating is right for you? The expert staff at Dittman Eyecare can help! During your exam, we will evaluate your needs based on your lifestyle and make recommendations for the type of AR coating that will best meet your needs.

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