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Are Photochromic Lenses Right for You?


Photochromic lenses are a type of eyeglass lens that is clear indoors and darkens when you go outside to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. This type of lens is also called a variable tint lens or light-adaptive lens. There are a variety of different photochromatic lenses out there, but one of the popular options is the transition lenses.

How Do Photochromic Lenses Work?

Photochromic lens.The molecules in the lenses that cause the darkening are activated by the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. These types of lenses will darken on cloudy days due to the UV rays penetrating the clouds, but they will typically not darken in a vehicle because your windshield can block most UV rays.

Benefits of Photochromic Lenses

Throughout your lifetime, exposure to sunlight and UV radiation can lead to specific vision issues such as cataracts. Photochromatic lenses can protect your eyes from 100% of UVA and UVB rays, so it is essential to consider them for children’s glasses as well as adult glasses.

You may also consider polycarbonate lenses for children because it can provide up to 10 times the impact resistance compared to other lens materials. By choosing photochromatic lenses, you can also enjoy the added convenience of not having to carry around your prescription sunglasses with you.

Versatile Designs and Materials

There is a wide selection of photochromic lenses in nearly all designs and materials to ensure you get the right lenses for your lifestyle. Photochromatic lenses are available in:

  • High-index lenses
  • Bifocals
  • Progressive lenses

To make your photochromic lenses even more effective, you can add an anti-reflective coating (AR). With AR coating, more light can pass through your photochromic lenses. This provides you with sharper vision in low-light conditions, like driving at night. AR coating can also eliminate reflections of sunlight and other types of light from the back of your lenses in bright or sunny conditions.

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