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Contact Lens Safety

Contact lenses sit directly on your eye, making them a possible source of contaminants that can cause serious problems for your eye health. These problems can be avoided by properly storing, washing and wearing your contact lenses.

At Dittman Eyecare, your eye health is our number one priority, so we have put together some tips on how to keep your lenses clean and safe for everyday wear.

Golden Rules of Contact Lens CareContact Lens Safety

To keep your contact free of germs and other harmful contaminants it is essential to practice proper contact lens hygiene. To keep your contacts germ-free and safe for use, follow these tips:
  • Make sure you always wash your hands thoroughly before you put your contacts in.
  • Do not wash your case with water; use contact solution instead. Allow the case to dry between uses and be sure to replace it with a new case every three months.
  • Do not use water to clean or store your contact lenses. Water contains harmful microorganisms that can embed themselves into hydrogels like your contact lenses, leading to eye health problems.
  • Do not reuse old contact solution. Be sure to always clean and store your contacts in a fresh solution to prevent contamination.
  • Make sure to keep track of how long you are wearing your contacts for and be sure to replace them after the recommended time based on your contact’s instructions.

Things to Avoid When Wearing Your Lenses

Although you may have your contact lens care routine perfected, it is also important to stick to the rules for wearing your contact lenses. Follow these tips to help avoid infection and irritation while wearing your contact lenses:

  • Be careful not to rub your eyes. Rubbing your eyes can damage or dislodge your contacts and may also contaminate the lens with germs or oils from your fingers. This rubbing is likely to cause more irritation.
  • Only wear lenses for the recommended time. Be sure to check the instructions to see how long to wear your lenses daily. Do not wear them overnight unless they are specifically made for overnight wear. Wearing your lenses for longer than instructed can starve your eyes of the oxygen they need and can cause you discomfort. Wearing them longer than instructed can also increase your risk of dry eye and infection.
  • Avoid dry eyes. It is essential to keep your eyes moisturized. To do this, you should drink plenty of water, blink often and use eyedrops that are formulated for contact lens wearers.

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