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Giving the Gift of Sight This Holiday Season


Giving the Gift of Sight This Holiday Season, LASIK

With the holiday season in full swing and the Christmas season on its way, you may still be looking for gift ideas for someone special.

This is the perfect gift for someone who is part of the 140 million Americans that are affected by refractive errors such as having astigmatism, farsightedness, or nearsightedness. LASIK surgery can offer them the gift of sight without the need for glasses or contacts.

Give the Gift of Quality Eye Care

At Dittman Eyecare, we have extensive experience with LASIK and are proud to put our patients first by providing quality eye care to the Pittsburgh area. Our assessment appointments include the opportunity to determine if you are a candidate and to learn more about the surgical process.

During our surgical assessment, we will evaluate the size, shape, and overall health of your eyes. We will then take detailed measurements of the eye and its surface, in particular, to determine whether or not you are a surgical candidate.

After we determine that you are a candidate for LASIK surgery, we will refer you to a preferred Ophthalmologist for your surgery. We will also walk you through the next steps of the LASIK process, what to expect from surgery, and will also schedule your follow-up appointment.

Dittman Eyecare is committed to providing leading, quality LASIK eye care working with leading Ophthalmologists and providing comprehensive, expert LASIK surgery assessments.

We can help you give your loved one the gift of a lifetime. Learn more about LASIK on our LASIK Eye Surgery Consultation page or contact us today to learn more about how we can help you give the gift of clear vision!

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