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How Computer Eyeglasses Can Relieve Computer Eyestrain


In today’s digital age, people who work at a computer for most of the day may experience eyestrain. While you may be familiar with sunglasses, reading glasses, and your prescription glasses, computer glasses are a new option to consider for glasses-wearers who spend their day working in front of the computer.

How Computer Eyeglasses Can Relieve Computer Eyestrain

Long hours in front of the computer screen can cause you to have headaches, tired eyes, and even blurry vision. Computer eyeglasses can help to alleviate these digital eyestrain symptoms.

What are Computer Eyeglasses?

Computer eyeglasses work similarly to reading glasses. The difference lies in how they are designed. This type of eyeglasses is designed to be specifically for intermediate vision. The magnification power for these glasses is determined based on how close you usually sit to the computer monitor.

In most cases, when you are sitting at the computer, the screen will be positioned 20 to 26 inches from your eyes which is much farther when compared to how closely you would hold a book to read, meaning the computer screen is in the intermediate zone where your reading glasses are not as effective.

Custom Lens Options for Computer Eyeglasses

If the distance isn’t an issue for you, the bright light of the screen could be putting a strain on your vision. With computer eyeglasses, you can alleviate the stress the computer light can put on your eyes. Computer eyeglasses are customizable with tints, colors, or special coatings such as photochromic lenses.

This coating will protect your eyes from the screen’s blue light. You may also consider an anti-reflective coating which will protect from glare.

Interested in Computer Eyeglasses? Schedule an Eye Exam Today! 

Computer eyestrain can affect your vision health, but with computer eyeglasses, you can relieve digital eyestrain for healthier vision. Before you begin shopping for computer eyeglasses, be sure to schedule an eye exam with Dittman Eyecare. This will ensure that your prescription is up to date and that your eyes are healthy.

The expert staff at Dittman Eyecare can assist you in finding the best computer glasses for everyday wear, ensuring that your eyes remain safe from computer eyestrain. Contact us today to schedule an exam or use our convenient online scheduling tool.

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