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In-Person vs. Online Eye Exams

With a variety of services available on the internet, the convenience of these services can be tempting. Even though these online services can make life easier for some, not all services provided online provide you with the best quality, especially when it comes to medical advice such as online eye exams.

In-Person vs. Online Eye Exams

What Does an Online Eye Exam Involve?

Online eye exams claim to determine the user’s prescription for corrective lenses. Some of these exams also include a test for color blindness as well as contrast sensitivity. In most cases, the results of these online exams are not reliable; this includes the online eye exams that are verified by a licensed eye doctor.

The Downside of Online Exams

With an online exam, there are a variety of areas where they lack when compared to the eye exam you receive by a licensed professional in-person. Online eye exams lack the in-person interaction with the optometrist as well as the lack of optometry equipment required for an accurate exam. These limitations affect the visual acuity test, which is what online exams tend to focus on solely.

There is much more to your vision health and the importance of an eye exam than just your eyeglasses prescription. If you are only updating your prescription online, you are not receiving the comprehensive care you need which could lead to sight-threatening eye conditions like retinal detachment or glaucoma going unnoticed until they have caused enough damage to cause vision loss.

Schedule an In-Person Eye Exam for Best Results

Dr. Dittman and his team can do much more for your eye health than websites or apps. At your in-person exam, you can discuss any issues or concerns you have about your vision and receive expert medical advice to suit your needs and help to resolve your concerns. During our comprehensive eye exams, we focus on preventative eye care. Using state-of-the-art optometry equipment, we will look for signs of sight-threatening conditions and provide treatment recommendations before they can cause more severe damage.

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