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Warning Signs of Child Vision Problems

Children can have a difficult time expressing issues they are having with vision, or they may not know any different. An eye exam is the best way to determine if your child is having vision problems and to get an accurate perspective on the state of their eye health.

Child Vision Problems at Every AgeWarning Signs of Child Vision Problems

Children of any age can experience the following symptoms of vision problems:

•    Eyes that are misaligned
•    Drooping eyelids
•    White or grayish white color present in the pupil
•    Your child’s eyes that flutter quickly from side to side or up and down
•    Eye pain, itchiness, or discomfort
•    Redness in either eye that lasts for a few days
•    Pus or crust in either eye
•    Constant watery eyes
•    Over-sensitivity to light

Infants to 1 year

Once a baby has reached the age of three months, they should be able to follow an object, like a toy, with their eyes. If your child is unable to make consistent eye contact or behaves as if they can’t see, be sure to inform your child’s doctor.

Before they reach four months old, most babies’ eyes will occasionally look misaligned. This is called strabismus. If this inward or outward drifting occurs regularly after four months old, it is typically abnormal and may require vision therapy to correct, so it is important to let your child’s doctor know.

Preschool age (3-4 years of age)

If your child experiences strabismus or misalignment, you should inform your child’s doctor right away. Some vision issues, such as a lazy eye (amblyopia), have no warning signs and your child may not report that they are having any vision problems.

This is why having your child’s eyes examined is so essential. Eye exams can help us to diagnose and correct issues like a lazy eye before they become worse and cause further problems.

When Should My Child Have Their First Eye Exam?

Your child should have their first eye exams at the age of six months old. After that, they should have their second eye exam at three years old, their third eye exam before kindergarten, and then they should receive an eye exam each year after that.

Schedule Your Child’s Eye Exam Today!

At Dittman Eyecare, we provide children with comprehensive eye exams that include tests of all of their visual skills which are all crucial to developing an accurate perspective of their eye health. With a comprehensive eye exam, we will check visual skills such as near vision, color vision, and focusing skills, among others, to ensure we examine all aspects of healthy human vision.

Contact Dittman Eyecare today to learn more or to schedule your child’s eye exam!

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