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Why You Should Invest in Prescription Sunglasses


While your eyeglasses provide you with excellent vision indoors and at night, they don’t protect your eyes against the sun during the day. For ultimate protection of your vision, it is crucial to find the right type of prescription sunglasses to ensure you have optimal vision both day and night.

Why You Should Invest in Prescription Sunglasses

Benefits of Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are the most effective way to have the best possible vision correction when outdoors. With a variety of tints available, prescription sunglasses and can also provide you with the most comfortable vision in bright, sunny conditions.

If you wear contact lenses with nonprescription sunglasses over them, it is still beneficial to invest in a good pair of prescription sunglasses. This will give you the option to remove your contacts before swimming or if they become dry and uncomfortable while you are outdoors. It is always best to remove your contacts before swimming because swimming with contacts can lead to severe infections such as Acanthamoeba keratitis.

Another benefit is that you will have the best vision correction while also protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays while outdoors.

Versatile Lens Options for All Prescriptions

Prescription sunglasses are also versatile and are available for practically every lens prescription, including progressive lenses. They are also available in a variety of lens materials, including:

  • Trivex
  • High-index plastic
  • Glass
  • Polycarbonate

Many high-fashion and designer brands can be fitted with prescription sun lenses to help you achieve the style and comfort you are looking for.

Instead of purchasing prescription sunglasses, you may also consider purchasing prescription lenses that have a photochromatic tint. This type of lens will darken when exposed to sunlight. A major con of this type of lens is that they will not darken well enough behind a windshield while you are driving. If you choose to go this route, be sure to ask for photochromatic lenses that are designed to be used while outdoors and while driving for the most effective glare protection.

Wide Selection of Top Sunglass Brands    

At Dittman Eyecare, we believe that sunglasses are the best accessory you can wear which is why we offer a wide range of quality, stylish brands that are sure to protect your eyes and complement your style! Contact Dittman Eyecare to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect shades!

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