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How long can I wear my contact lenses?

Whether you have worn contacts for years or are new to wearing contacts, you may be wondering how long you can actually wear your contact every day.

With many varieties of contact lenses on the market, the directions and differences between the types of lenses can be difficult to navigate.

Recommended Wear Times for Contact Lenses

There are a variety of contact lenses out there, such as:
  • Daily wear
  • One-time wear
  • Overnight wear
With these different types available, it can be difficult toHow long can I wear my contact lenses?  | Dittman Eyecare
determine how long you should be wearing them. Typically, you can wear your contact lenses all day without an issue. This may range from right hours for some contact lenses wearers up to 16 hours for others.
The length of time contact lenses are worn will vary from person to person and can also change based on factors such as:
  • Dry eyes
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Work environment
For example, if someone has dry or sensitive eyes, they won’t be able to wear their contacts comfortably for the same amount of time as someone who doesn’t have dry or sensitive eyes. Another factor that will affect how long you can wear your lenses is the type of contact lens you have been prescribed. When it comes to most contact lenses, they should be removed before sleeping to lower your risk of eye infection.
If you were prescribed daily or one-time use lenses, you can typically wear these anywhere from 8 to 16 hours a day without issue. Be sure to ask your doctor, as they may recommend you remove your contacts an hour or two before bed to allow your eyes to rest. For contact lenses made for overnight use, you can wear them while sleeping, but be sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations.

Tips for New Contact Lens Wearers

For those who are new to wearing contacts, the same rules mentioned above will typically apply. It’s important to keep in mind that you will likely experience some awareness. It can take your eyes a few minutes, hours, or possibly days to get used to the lenses.
We recommend on the first day wearing them to try and wear them for at least eight hours or as long as recommended by your doctor. This will give your eyes a chance to adapt. Be sure to pay attention to how your eyes are adjusting and make sure no discomfort or irritation is occurring. If so, be sure to contact your eye doctor.

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