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What causes eye irritation when I wear my contacts?

Whether you are new to wearing contacts or have worn them for some time, you may have experienced eye irritation while wearing them.

Discomfort while wearing contacts can range from mild discomfort to more serious infections that can affect your sight.

How do I Know if I Am Suffering From Contact Lens Irritation?

Signs of contact lens irritation include:
  • frequent redness
  • soreness
  • swelling
Contact lens irritation can also cause dryness, blurry vision, and conjunctivitis (pink eye), or a feeling that there is something in your eye.

What Causes Contact Lens Irritation?

There are a variety of things that can cause eye irritation while wearing contact lenses, including:
Poorly Fitting Lenses
Everyone has a unique eye size and shape, meaning your contacts will have a unique fit to suit your eyes. When you come to Dittman Eyecare for a contact lens exam, weWhat causes eye irritation when I wear my contacts?  | Dittman Eyecare
perform various measurements to make sure your contact lenses properly fit your eyes. In some cases, the fit can be off a little bit, causing irritation.
If you are experiencing a constant slight irritation or pain, redness, issues with your vision, or you feel like you have something stuck in your eye, you likely need a better-fitting lens. Be sure to tell your eye doctor about this issue, and they can perform more tests to get you a better fit.
Don’t put off taking care of this issue because wearing improperly fitted lenses for too long can lead to more serious issues such as an abrasion on your cornea.
Wearing Your Lenses Longer Than Recommended
When it comes to contact lens options, some can only be worn for a few hours, while others can be worn safely overnight. It is important to only wear your contact lenses as long as recommended to avoid irritation.
You also need to pay attention to your contact lens expiration date. Wearing them after this date can lead to serious problems such as bacterial infection. Be sure to only wear your lenses for as long as recommended daily and change out to a new pair on a schedule suggested by your eye doctor.
Not Properly Caring for or Using Your Lenses
When you use contact lenses, especially soft contact lenses, you need to make sure you are caring for and using them as instructed to prevent damage. When your lenses are not cleaned properly, get bacteria or debris on them from improperly washed hands, or are allowed to dry out, it can lead to eye irritation.
Also, keep in mind that everyday products like hairspray, makeup, and perfume can be transferred to your lenses, causing itchy, dry eyes. be sure to wash your hands before handling your contact lenses and keep them stored in their case with solution when not in use to prevent them from drying out.
Allergens Like Dust and Pollen
If you are in contact with a large number of environmental allergens such as dander, dust, or pollen, these particles can stick to your lenses and lead to eye irritation. If you have been affected by environmental allergens, you will likely experience irritation, dryness, and redness of the eyes. In this situation, you will need to frequently clean your lenses.
If you continue to struggle with this issue, you may want to consider wearing daily disposable lenses so you can have a fresh pair every day. Also, for those with seasonal allergies, you can remove your lenses, rinse your eyes with eye drops and then reinsert your lenses after 15 or 20 minutes to help ease your discomfort.

Can Contact Lenses Cause Eye Infections?

Eye infections can be caused by bacteria or another organism getting onto your contact lens or into your contact solution. When left untreated, an eye infection can threaten your sight. If you think you are suffering from an eye infection, be sure to contact Dittman Eyecare immediately.
To avoid infection, you can make sure that you properly care for your contact lenses and use them as directed by your eye doctor and the manufacturer. If you feel like something is off with your vision, or you are experiencing eye irritation, contact your eye doctor to see if there are any adjustments that can be made to relieve the irritation.

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