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Why Are My Eyes Watery When I Wear Contacts?

Whether you’ve worn contacts for years or are new to wearing them, you have likely experienced watery eyes and a burning sensation while wearing your contact lenses.

This is a common occurrence but can be uncomfortable. It can be caused by several different factors, from allergies to irritants. At Dittman Eyecare, we have put together the most common causes for watery eyes and how you can fix the issue for more comfortable wear.

Dirty Hands

Not washing your hand properly prior to putting in your contacts canWhy Are My Eyes Watery When I Wear Contacts?  | Dittman Eyecare

lead to irritation. Things like soap residue on your fingers can cause redness and irritation. To fix this issue, Wash your hands again, rinse your lenses with contact solution and reinsert your contacts.

Dirty Contacts

This is one of the most common reasons for watery eyes. Pollen, eyelashes, makeup residue, and dust can all stick to your lenses and cause irritation.

If you place your contacts in your eye and immediately feel a burning or watery sensation, be sure to remove your lenses. Rine them with a contact solution. If they are still bothering you, you should replace the lenses.

Eye Infection

An eye infection presents with symptoms like watery eyes and a burning sensation. There are a variety of eye infections, each with a different level of severity. If you suspect you have an eye infection, take it seriously and schedule to have it checked out immediately.

Allergic Reaction to Contact Solution

In some cases, you can develop an allergy to contact lens solution, even one you have been using for many years. Your eyes will water and feel uncomfortable if you have an allergic reaction. You can try to switch to a sensitive formula. If that doesn’t work, be sure to consult with your optometrist for more options.


Allergies to pets, pollen, dust, etc., can all cause eye irritation for contact lens wearers. Allergies tend to flare up in the spring and the fall, making watery, red eyes a common occurrence for contact lens wearers who have allergies. The irritants like dust and pollen can stick to the lenses and cause irritation.

Improper Fitting Lenses

Due to the sensitivity of your eyes, ill-fitting lenses can cause serious irritation. If your contacts are too small, then the oxygen flow to and from your eye is restricted. When the lens is too big, it will move when you blink, leading to irritation.

Damaged Contacts

Contact lens damage is sometimes hidden to the naked eye. The smallest tear or impurity can cause irritation to the eye. If you think your irritation is caused by damage to the lens, replace the lens with a new one.

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