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Sports and Eye Safety

Eye injuries suffered while participating in sports are a top reason for emergency room visits, but with proper eye protection, many, if not all, of these eye injuries are preventable. In most cases, there are many protective sporting equipment regulations, with very few involving protective eyewear for your child.
There are many common misconceptions surrounding eyewear and sports, so it is essential to understand what is true and what is a myth to ensure you properly incorporate protective eyewear into your child’s sports activities.
If the guidelines provided don’t require protective eyewear, they don’t need it.
While many athletes must wear gear such as mouth guards, shin guards, and other protective equipment, protective eyewear is not always included in regulations. It is recommended that all athletes wear protective eyewear designed for recreational sports and should be impact resistant.

Contact sports are the only sport where protective eyewear is needed.

Sports Eyewear  | Dittman EyecareWhile preparing for a collision in high contact sports such as football is necessary, other sports such as fishing or archery can put your child’s sight at risk if the equipment is misused. Protective eyewear is always recommended even for sports that are low to no contact.

Protective eyewear could negatively affect their performance.

Research shows that protective eyewear does not affect the performance of an athlete. Protective eyewear may improve their performance by enhancing their depth perception and giving them more confidence with the added protection. Even if there are small hindrances to their sight, the benefits of wearing eye protection outweigh the risk of not wearing it.

Looking for Sports Eyewear? Dittman Eyecare Can Help!

At Dittman Eyecare, we offer a wide selection of eye protection from top brands for athletes that meet impact resistance standards and will provide your child with the protection they need to stay safe! Contact us today to learn more about our sports eyewear.

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