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What is the Best Way to Put Contacts In?

If you’ve never used contact lenses before, you may have some questions about how to properly use them. At Dittman Eyecare, we have put together a guide on how to put your contacts in to help you become a pro at using contacts in no time!

How Do I Apply My Contact Lenses?

There are a variety of steps you should take prior to placingWhat is the best way to put contacts in?  | Dittman Eyecare your contact lenses in your eyes to ensure your safety and comfort:

Wash and dry your hands. 
Thoroughly wash your hands, drying them with a lint-free towel. Avoid scented soaps or those that contain moisturizing products. Lotions or oils can get on your lens and make it uncomfortable to wear.

Gently shake your case.
This will help to make sure your contact lenses are not stuck to your case. Skipping this step can result in you pulling on a stuck lens, causing it to tear.

Rinse your lenses.
Take one lens out of the case at a time. Place one lens in the palm of your hand and use your contact solution to rinse it. Once it is rinsed, place it on your middle or index finger.

Insert your lenses.
Using your free hand, pull your upper eyelid up and lower eyelid down. Place the contact lens straight onto your eye. Gently close and roll your eye to ensure it is in the proper position.

If your lens is cloudy or feels uncomfortable, take it out and try reinserting it.
Check That Your Contacts are Right Side Out
Placing a contact lens into your eye inside out is a common mistake that many first-time contact lens wearers make. When you are just starting out using contacts, you may not know how to determine if your contact lens is inside out or not. To determine if it is inside out or not, place the contact on your finger. If it forms a cup, then it is in the proper position to put in.

If the top edges of your contact are flared out, this means the lens is inside out. Before inserting the contact lens, hold it up to your eye and look at the side of the cup. If it forms a perfect U shape, then you can insert your contact. If you insert your contact inside out, it will cause some discomfort, so be sure to take it out, invert the lens and place it back into your eye.

Keeping Your Contacts Safe for Use

Caring for your contact lenses is crucial to your comfort andWhat is the best way to put contacts in?  | Dittman Eyecare your eye health.

To keep your lenses clean and comfortable, be sure to:

  • Clean and disinfect your contact lenses and contact case regularly.
  • Gently rub your contact lenses when cleaning them, even with a no-rub solution.
  • Replace your contact lenses on a regular basis. Your doctor can recommend a replacement schedule, or you can follow the manufacturer’s directions.
Things you want to avoid when caring for your contact lenses:
  • Don’t use saliva to wet your contact lenses.
  • Don’t wear your lenses longer than recommended by your doctor or manufacturer.
  • Don’t reuse or top off the old solution in your contact lens case. Always discard the old solution and use a fresh solution for storage.

Ready to Start Using Contacts? Dittman Eyecare Can Help! 

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