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Why You Should Consider Computer Eyeglasses for Digital Eye Strain

You may be familiar with reading glasses, sunglasses, and your regular prescription glasses, but computer eyeglasses are a new option for those who spend most of their day working in front of the computer screen. (more…)

Published: 2019-06-24Read Article
Dilation Drops: Why They are Needed

When your eye doctor dilates your pupils during an eye exam, it allows them to thoroughly exam the health of the retina and the optic nerve. During a comprehensive eye exam, your eyes are examined both undilated and dilated to provide the doctor with valuable information about your eyeglass prescription,…

Published: 2019-06-10Read Article
In-Person vs. Online Eye Exams

With a variety of services available on the internet, the convenience of these services can be tempting. Even though these online services can make life easier for some, not all services provided online provide you with the best quality, especially when it comes to medical advice such as online eye…

Published: 2019-05-27Read Article
5 Reasons to Make Your Next Eye Exam Appointment

Like many people, we all have a variety of events and work obligations on our schedule at any given moment, making planning crucial to keep life moving smoothly. (more…)

Published: 2019-05-17Read Article
How Exercise Benefits our Vision

Exercise is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, helping you tone, slim down, and overall feel better each day. While getting regular exercise provides a variety of well-known benefits, you may not know that it also can help preserve your eye health. (more…)

Published: 2019-04-24Read Article

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