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We Provide Some of the Most Comprehensive Eye Exams Available in Butler, Cranberry Township, and Grove City.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive eye care for you and your entire family. Our focus on preventative eye care, combined with a culture that centers around providing the perfect eye care experience, sets us apart as a patient-first practice.

Detecting Silent, Hidden Eye Diseases

Did you know that most eye diseases begin their development asymptomatically? This means that a major eye disease that can rob you of your vision (such as glaucoma) may exist for weeks or months before you notice a change to your vision. By the time you’ve noticed a change, vision already lost is gone forever.

Prevention & Preservation

Unlike a broken bone or a treatable illness, your eyesight can not recover from a disease that has damaged it. In fact, visual acuity lost to eye diseases such as glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy cannot be restored. For this reason we practice preventative eye care, with an emphasis on proactive testing and treatments.

Eye Exams Are Fast & Non-Invasive

Most eye exams are completed in under an hour, and thanks to our use of advanced testing and diagnostic equipment, an eye exam is completely painless. Most healthy Americans should have an eye exam every one to two years (unless otherwise directed by a doctor).

When Was Your Last Eye Exam?

If it has been more than a year since your last eye exam, please request an appointment to schedule one.

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“My father has a complicated vision history and is an overall challenging case. The staff at Dittman Eyecare always goes above and beyond to provide the most professional, efficient and progressive care to optimize my father’s vision. Dr. Dittman provides thorough care with the most up to date treatment options. He and his staff treat patients and their family members with the utmost respect. We always leave this office feeling listened to and heard. Top notch in all aspects!”


What to Expect During Your Eye Exam

Eye exams are routine and completely painless- there is nothing to fear! During the exam we will perform some diagnostic testing, determine your visual acuity, and address any questions or concerns you may have. If you currently have a corrective lens prescription, we will validate and update it as needed.

Tests performed during the exam

We are proud of providing eye exams that are comprehensive and detailed. We believe that our eyes are precious and must be preserved however possible. We know that a big chunk of that preservation comes from having accurate and up to date information.

Tests we perform during the eye exam include:

  • Digital Retinal Camera – A high-resolution photo of your retina allows us to assess its overall health and visualize developing eye diseases.
  • OCT Imaging – Technology that allows microscopic cross-sectional imagery of the retina and optic nerve. Valuable for diagnosing diseases like glaucoma or AMD.
  • Visual Field Analyzer – This test assesses your peripheral vision and is useful for diagnosing glaucoma or macular degeneration.
  • Auto-Refractor – Reads the curvature of the eye and helps approximate prescription readings.
  • Non-Contact Tonometer – A measuring device that monitors the pressure of the eye.
  • Visual Examination – An overview of health and vision concerns and conditions.
  • Peripheral Vision Screen – Determines the health of the connection between the optic nerve and brain.
  • Visual Clarity Tests – Determines precise prescription for optimal vision.

Comprehensive exams for the whole family

Learn more about our eye exams for children and eye exams for seniors.

We’ll help you find a great pair of eyeglasses

If prescription lenses are on your radar, you’ll love how easy it is to find a great pair of frames using the M’Eye Fit Mirror system. We are one of the only Optometry practices in Western PA using this time-saving technology!

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