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Safety Eyewear, Available With a Prescription, Can Prevent Almost 90% of Annual Eye Emergencies

With almost 9 in 10 eye injuries being preventable by simply wearing safety eyewear, we are vocal in our recommendation of them. Your eyes are precious, delicate organs; care should be taken to protect them from harm in every situation that requires it.

Prescription Safety Eyewear That Performs

With prescription safety eyewear, there’s no need to purchase bulky wraparound goggles that cover your prescription glasses. With your prescription built into the lens, safety eyewear is both functional and comfortable.

Protecting Your Eyes At Work

Many workplaces are rife with hazards for your eye: projectiles, chemicals, dust, cleaning solutions, pathogens, radiation, debris, wind, and more.

Ensure that you have a pair of quality safety glasses that protect your eyes whenever you are near potential hazards.

Vision Lost Cannot Be Restored

When it comes to your eye health, the unfortunate reality is that vision that has been lost can rarely be restored. The eye is simply too fragile- in most causes, damage to the retina is irreversible.

Butler & Cranberry Township’s Source for Safety Eyewear

Visit our showroom to see our diverse selection of prescription and non-prescription safety eyewear.

More Information About Safety Eyewear

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Determining the quality of your eyewear

Not all safety eyewear is created equally. Safety standards, such as the standards established by third-party agencies like the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or the American Standards Association (ASA), outline specific criteria that safety eyewear must meet before being certified by their organization.

You can also look for eyewear that is certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Despite being north of the border, their safety standards are comparable to what we find here in the USA.

Protecting your eyes from obvious and not-so-obvious hazards

Safety eyewear that conforms to ANSI, ASA, or CSA standards are designed to meet certain minimums for impact and shatter resistance. For most home and workplace activities, these standards will adequately protect your eyes from harm.

Eyewear for all applications

From safety eyewear that fits over your glasses to full-face masks with your prescription built into the lenses, we offer Butler and Cranberry Township a diverse selection of safety eyewear suited for a range of applications.

Here to help you find what you need

If you aren’t sure what kind of safety eyewear you need for your application, just ask! Our expert staff are well-versed in our eyewear types and brands, and are constantly undergoing new product training and refreshers as needed.

We’re here when you need us- just pop into one of our two locations!

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