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Vision Therapy Is a Proven, Effective Way to Correct Eye Alignment, Teaming, and Focusing Issues

Most vision therapy patients are kids, though we also regularly work with adults. Vision therapy is designed to improve the visual function of the patient. The therapy is individualized based on the type of vision problem requiring correction.

Pediatric Vision Therapy

Young adaptable minds benefit the most from vision therapy. Working with children, we can help correct issues like strabismus, influence and improve eye teaming, and help kids learn to read and play at their very best.

Adult Vision Therapy

While adult minds are not as flexible as that of a child’s, adults still benefit from vision therapy. Working with Dr. Dittman and Dr. Nock , we can help maintain proper eye alignment after strabismus surgery, improve visual function after a traumatic brain injury, and even help you improve your hand/eye coordination.

Vision Therapy for Athletes

Vision therapy can improve your hand/eye coordination, decrease your reaction times, improve your visual comprehension and processing, and increase the quality and awareness of your peripheral vision. Working together, we help athletes achieve their absolute best.

We Are Vision Therapy Experts

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More Information About Vision Therapy

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“My father has a complicated vision history and is an overall challenging case. The staff at Dittman Eyecare always goes above and beyond to provide the most professional, efficient and progressive care to optimize my father’s vision. Dr. Dittman provides thorough care with the most up to date treatment options. He and his staff treat patients and their family members with the utmost respect. We always leave this office feeling listened to and heard. Top notch in all aspects!”


What is vision therapy effective for?

Vision therapy can be used in place of or in conjunction with surgical treatments for eye conditions for amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus.

It is also effective for learning problems that are related to vision. Vision therapy can address concerns with eye tracking or focusing as well as eye teaming (how the eyes work together as as pair).

Effective in conjunction with surgery

If you or your child have had surgery to correct eye turn (or some other type of eye alignment issue), vision therapy will help you develop strong eye alignment. It is an excellent tool for “teaching” your eyes as they relearn how to properly function.

How does vision therapy work?

It’s important to understand that each patient has unique needs, and that all vision therapy programs are individualized.

Most programs combine daily home therapy with weekly in-office sessions. The in-office sessions range from 30-60 minutes, while the home therapy should be completed in under half an hour.

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