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Does Hot Weather Affect Dry Eyes?

When your eyes don’t have enough lubrication, you will experience dry eyes. Each time you blink, you will get a film of tears that coats the eye to lubricate it. If you aren’t producing enough tears or have poor quality tears, you will have dry, irritated eyes. You may also feel a stinging or burning […]

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Why You Need Glasses With Blue Light Protection

Many of us, both adults and children, spend hours a day on our phones, tablets, and computers which can lead to eyestrain. While you may experience musculoskeletal and mental issues with too much screen time, this blue light can also negatively affect your eyesight.

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Dittman Eyecare brings revolutionary Neurolens treatment to their practice

Dittman Eyecare is excited to announce they have now implemented a new treatment at their offices called Neurolens. This treatment is used to alleviate eye misalignment, which can cause headaches and eye strain.

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Myopia Management: What I Can Do For My Child

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a refractive error that occurs when your eye does not properly focus light on the retina. This focusing of light is called refraction. In order to see clearly, the light rays must travel through your lens and cornea, which then reflect the light, so it lands on your retina.

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