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We Can Help Relieve Your Frustrating Dry Eye Symptoms. Visit Our Local Dry Eye Specialists in Butler & Cranberry Township.

Dry eye is a common and often frustrating condition. Millions of Americans suffer from dry eye, whether it is ongoing chronic dry eye or intermittent sporadic dry eye. Regardless of the cause of your case of dry eye, we can help you mitigate its symptoms and improve your overall quality of life.

Leveraging Advanced Technology to Diagnose & Treat Dry Eye

Having access to accurate information about the state of your eye health, and on the impacts dry eye is having on your eyes, allows us to make informed decisions regarding treating and managing it.

We utilize state of the art technologies, including the InflammaDry® rapid in-office test, to guide our treatments.

Finding Success in Unconventional Dry Eye Therapies

Our dry eye treatments are based on each patient and individualized to ensure the best chances of success. These treatments may include the use of unconventional therapies, such as scleral contact lenses or Prokera® (a therapeutic lens that uses amniotic membranes to promote healing on the eye’s surface).

Don’t Let Dry Eye Degrade Your Quality of Life. We’re Here to Help.

Our experienced Optometrists (Dr. Dittman in Butler and Dr. Nock in Cranberry Township) have extensive training on traditional and contemporary dry eye treatments. Request an appointment to see Dr. Dittman or Dr. Nock about your dry eye symptoms.

More Information About Our Dry Eye Treatments

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“My father has a complicated vision history and is an overall challenging case. The staff at Dittman Eyecare always goes above and beyond to provide the most professional, efficient and progressive care to optimize my father’s vision. Dr. Dittman provides thorough care with the most up to date treatment options. He and his staff treat patients and their family members with the utmost respect. We always leave this office feeling listened to and heard. Top notch in all aspects!”


Holistic dry eye treatment individualized for each patient

Dry eye is a complex condition. Because of this complexity, it is impossible to treat each patient with a generalized diagnosis. Each treatment regimen we create is customized for the needs of the patient, ensuring the best chance of long-term relief.

Addressing dry eye risk factors

We provide a holistic treatment program that addresses your risk factors, including environment, diet, and lifestyle.

Traditional dry eye treatments

We always begin our treatments with tried and true processes, such as using artificial lubrication or medications like Restasis. These treatments include:

  • Artificial tears – Used in the form of eye drops, these artificial tears are found in different thicknesses for different applications. They provide temporary lubrication to the eye, relieving its symptoms.
  • Restasis – This medication increases tear production, relieving dry eye symptoms. This works better over time.
  • Punctal plugs – These plugs, which are inserted into the eye’s drainage canals (they are not visible when inserted), reduce dry eye symptoms by forcing tears to remain on the eye longer.

Using scleral contact lenses and Prokera® to treat dry eye

Scleral contact lenses, which fit over the eye and rest on the sclera (the white part of the eye), provides lubrication by creating a pocket between the itself and the eye that is filled with fluid.

Conversely, the amniotic membrane inside the Prokera® lens promotes healing and reduces inflammation.

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