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How Do I Fix My Blurry Contact Lenses?

While contacts are a convenient option for daily life, sometimes issues such as blurriness can happen. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if it happens often. Fortunately, this issue can typically be resolved with a few simple solutions to help you get back your clear vision.

The solution for your blurry contact lenses will depend on what is causing the blurriness.

What Causes Blurry Contact Lenses?

Blurry contact lenses can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

Dry eyes

dry eyes  | Dittman EyecareIf you are suffering from dry eyes, you may find that they can cause a variety of issues with your contacts. They can cause your eyes to become irritated, and the lenses may even get stuck. Blurry lenses are also a common occurrence with dry eyes. To test if dry eyes are the culprit, all you need to do is blink. If your vision improves a little bit, then dry eyes are causing blurriness in your lenses. We recommend using rewetting drops or artificial tears to rehydrate your contact lenses.

If you continue to have issues, then it is possible you have chronic dry eyes. Speak to your eye doctor about what you can do to treat this condition.

Dirty Contact Lenses

This is one of the most common causes of blurry contact lenses. Oftentimes, those who wear contacts will wear them longer than recommended, which can cause protein deposits to build up on the lenses. These protein deposits can not only cause blurry vision, but they can also lead to major eye health issues.

If your lenses are dirty, remove them and use a cleaning solution to properly rinse your lenses. If you are not home with access to your cleaning solution but need to clean your lenses, take each lens out one at a time and roll them gently between your fingers with a contact solution to help remove the deposits.

If this issue persists, it may be time to replace your contact lenses with a new pair.

Prescription change

Contact Lens Replacement  | Dittman EyecareAs we age, our vision can deteriorate. While your vision won’t change overnight, you may notice at some point that your vision is not as sharp as it was before. If you’ve noticed a change in your vision, be sure to visit your eye doctor for an updated prescription. A contact lenses exam can help you determine if an outdated prescription is causing your contact lenses to be blurry.

Issues With Your Eye Health

In some cases, when you experience blurry vision, it isn’t caused by your contact lenses. Blurry vision may indicate that you are suffering from a more serious eye health problem. Issues such as infection, corneal swelling, and a variety of other eye health issues can cause blurry vision.

When you remove your contacts and still have blurry vision, it is time to see your eye doctor as soon as possible to help catch any health issues before they can worsen and further damage your vision.

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