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Corneal Reshaping Therapy (Orthokeratology)

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Corneal Reshaping Therapy is a Safe & Effective Way to Correct Myopia & Astigmatism Without Surgery or Invasive Procedures

The science behind corneal reshaping therapy (CRT) is not new. Since contact lenses were first fit, the idea of using contact lenses to reshape the cornea, as a means to correct certain refractive errors and address the profession of myopia, has been prominent in the optometric community.

Initial attempts to deliver this result utilized a process called orthokeratology (also called Ortho-K). While Ortho-K did produce successful results for many people, these results took months (and often years) to come to fruition. In comparison to CRT, the results from Ortho-K were significantly less favorable.

An FDA clinical study of the Paragon Corneal Reshaping Therapy Lenses found that 93% of patients achieved 20/32 vision (or better), and 67% achieved 20/20 vision (or better).

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If you’re interested in correcting your myopia or astigmatism, please request an appointment at the location convenient for you. During this appointment we will explain the process, assess your eyes, and inform you of the appropriate next steps.

More Information About Corneal Reshaping Therapy

Yes! In fact, CRT is an ideal solution for many active kids that are involved in athletics or other activities that make eyeglasses unappealing.

Very safe. During the FDA approval process there were no significant negative effects as a result of CRT. However, as with all contact lenses, there are risks that are associated with wearing lenses (such as corneal infection).

Unfortunately, insurance companies view therapies that correct vision (including laser refractive surgery) as a “cosmetic” procedure and thus do not typically provide coverage for it.

We offer no-interest financing through Care Credit to qualified applicants.

Orthokeratology – perhaps best viewed as the precursor to modern corneal reshaping therapy – has been around for decades. However, thanks to significant advancements in diagnostic technology, CRT is much more effective than Ortho-K.

CRT is a viable treatment for many people with nearsightedness or astigmatism.

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