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Finding the Right Frames for Your Face

Anyone who wears glasses knows how much they can change the way your face looks. Glasses serve as a customizable feature of your appearance, so it is essential to find the right frames for our faces while shopping for new glasses.

Whether you are looking to refresh your style with new frames, replacing broken frames, or need to update your prescription, there are a few factors you should consider when looking for new frames.

Why Face Shape is Important  | Dittman Eyecare

Each person has different features, from hair and eye color, each feature makes us unique in our own way, including our face shape. Most peoples’ faces fit into four main face shape categories while some may be a blend of two or more face shapes. Common face shapes include:

  • Round. Those with a round face have fuller cheeks, a rounded hairline, and jaw with similar width and length.
  • Square. People with square faces have a strong jawline and forehead with similar width and length.
  • Heart-shaped. A heart-shaped face has a wide forehead and cheeks as well as a narrow chin.

The best way to determine your face shape is to look in the mirror, close one eye, and use a washable marker to trace the outline of your face onto the mirror. After you are done tracing, look at the shape of the outline. Your face shape will be whichever shape the outline resembles the most.

How to Select the Right Frames

Now that you have determined your face shape, you can begin searching for the perfect frames. The primary goal when searching for frames is to find a pair that will balance out your face shape. For example, rounded glasses will help to soften a square face shape, while square glasses would only emphasize a square face shape.  For a round face, rectangular glasses would provide balance.

Size of the glasses also matters. If you get glasses that are too small or too large, they will not flatter your face. It is important to get frames with lenses are proportionate in size to your face. If you have a smaller face, smaller glasses will be more flattering, and those with larger faces will look better in larger glasses.

Another important factor when choosing frames is style. Glasses give you a chance to express your unique sense of fashion. From chic and modern to vintage or hipster, frames come in a wide range of style to choose from. Although size and shape are significant, finding frames that match your style is also an important factor when finding the right frames. At Dittman Eyecare,  we offer a large selection of frames in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes to suit your unique style.

Cons of Online Ordering

With so many online eyeglass retailers, it may be tempting to order your frames online, without consulting with a professional. This can lead to a variety of issues from buying unflattering or ill-fitting frames to receiving the wrong prescription.

At Dittman Eyecare, our trained opticians have the expertise to assist you in the process of finding the right frames to flatter your face and your style while also ensuring you receive the correct fit and prescription.  By trying on the frames in person at our Butler or Cranberry location, you can receive the high-quality, personalized service that online ordering lacks.

Schedule an appointment today at Dittman Eyecare and let us help you find the right frames for your face!

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